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Why Choose Pre-loved?

In a world where fast fashion is having a major impact on the environment, a new wave of pre-loved fashion is emerging.

Many of us have wardrobes bulging with clothes we never wear. Some we hope to slim-in to, some we wear once for a special occasion and others are victims of buyers remorse. There is hope for these forgotten items, they could be resold and recycled and finally be worn and loved by somebody else.

Pre-loved shops offer people the chance to sell their items whilst giving others the chance to buy beautiful new-to-them pieces.

These boutiques are a mile away from the fusty smelling charity shops where you have to go searching through piles of old clothes to find the odd item worth rummaging for. These shops are laid out immaculately, with attention paid to the look, feel and especially the smell of the place. Some offer a personal shopping experience with advice given on style, colour and how to curate your wardrobe.

Buying from a pre-loved boutique means you are getting unique one-off pieces and reusing items already created.

You can refresh your wardrobe without it costing the earth.

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