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Buying & Selling items with ReDress

1. Selling your items with ReDress:
Please pop into the shop with your items and we will select up to 6 items to list. 
2. Counterfeit Goods:
We will NOT accept any counterfeit goods so please ensure your items are genuine before bringing them to the shop. If we are unsure then we will not accept them.
3. Quality:
We only accept immaculate condition items.
4. Commission:
Our terms are 50% of the sale price on all items unless otherwise agreed.
5. Selling Price:
We can agree a selling price with you or you can leave the pricing to us. Any minimum amount must be agreed at the time of booking in.
6. Reduction in Selling Prices:
All items sold with us are subject to being discounted or marked down unless an agreed selling price has been specified. You will receive 50% of the final selling price.
7. Sale Period:
Items will be placed on sale for 6 weeks.
8. Unsold items:
If you wish to collect your unsold items after 6 weeks we will hold onto them for 14 days, after which they will be donated to our charity shop partner.
9. Payment:
Once your items are sold we will pay you via bank transfer at the end of the month.
Please complete a bank details form in order to receive payment.
10. Refunds & Exchanges:
We have a strict no returns policy. All items are "sold as seen" and refunds will not be offered under any circumstances.
11. Accepting Items for Sale:
We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason. We will only accept up to 6 items per client at any one time.
12. Data Protection:
As a client of 'ReDress Boutique' we will store your details securely. You can request for your details to be removed from our database at any time.

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